Monday Night Pinball is pleased to announce that expansion with new teams can continue for the upoming Spring 2019 season. In Fall 2018, we had 26 teams and 260 players every week, making us one of the largest leagues in the nation. All 24 teams from prior season have indicated they will be returning.

This page provides the details to any new location, operator, or player who is interested in playing for or applying to be one of the expansion teams. It includes minimum requirements to form a team, and instructions on how to apply. Note that a team existing in prevoius season, but which loses most of their players between seasons for any reason may need to reapply as an expansion team and meet all the requirements specified on this page. An existing team that is requesting a move to a new location must also meet the location requirements listed below, and must apply for the change by the same expansion team deadline date listed below.

We will no longer require adding teams in pairs. Rather, if there are an odd number of teams after the expansion, every team in Division 2 will get one bye week, and thus play in 10 of 11 weeks. If there are an even number of teams, Division 2 teams will not have a bye week and every team will play all 11 weeks.

The deadline to apply for a new expansion team for Spring 2019 season is FRIDAY JANUARY 4, 2019. The spots are limited, and MNP will not necessarily wait for everyone to apply; thus even though a deadline date is specified, applying early does increase the chances of earning one of the expansion slots. If there are not sufficient qualified teams applying by the deadline date, the league may choose to not expand. The number of expansion teams will be constrained by keeping total number of teams in the league an even number. Any expansion team granted will be assigned to Division 2. Division 1 will remain at exactly 12 teams.


In order for a location to host a new team, here are the minimum requirements. Note that just because minimum requirements are met does not mean a team is granted. Rather, this is the minimum needed to be considered. The evaluation criteria below will then be used to select teams, if there are more teams that meet these requirements than there are expansion slots, or if there are an odd number of teams vying for spots, as expansion will only occur in pairs.


Meeting the requirements above is the minimum necessary to be considered for a team. Beyond that, a subjective evaluation of each team will be performed by each board member, and a vote taking place as to whether or not a team is selected. Note that teams are always added in pairs. As soon as at least two teams have applied, the evaluation may begin, and teams could be selected.

The board members are provided with the following criteria to use as a guide for themselves in deciding which locations to vote for.

Note that the following items are explicitly NOT evaluation criteria. Already the locations in the league have a significant difference in these items such that it would not be fair to consider them for new locations either.


A machine is league-worthy if it meets the following criteria:


The proposed captain or co-captain for a new team is responsible for submitting the team expansion application, and individual players interested in the team are responsible for individually signing up.

Provide as much advanced notice as possible to one of the board members of your intent to create a team. This will allow the board to inform you of any upcoming changes or concerns that can affect your expansion application.

The application is to be emailed by the proposed captain to, and must include the following:

Furthermore, in order for each player to show they are committed to the new team, they should SIGN UP to confirm their interest, indicating the proposed new team as their first (and optionally only) choice. If the person is moving from another team, and would like to retain the spot on the other team if there is no expansion team, they should list that team as their second choice.

Proposed Captains and Co-Captains should also request to join the MNP Captain's Facebook Group as Facebook messaging and Groups is the primary means for keeping in touch with captains.


Players who are interested in joining a team, whether it be an existing team with new openings, or a new expansion team, should SIGN UP to indicate their interest, or by sending a message to a league official personally confirming their interest. League officials can be reached via email: Up to three teams or locations can be listed in order of preference. Also feel free to list areas instead of teams, like “South of City” or “Ballard”. Players will be contacted by team captains or league officials based on availability of spots. Ultimately it is a team’s captain decision, not a league decision, on any player joining a specific team.

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