Monday Night Pinball

Seattle's Monday Night Pinball (MNP) is returning Post-Covid with the Fall 2021 season, with the first week planned for Monday September 13, 2021.

Call for Teams

The season is scheduled to begin on Monday September 13, 2021, 8:30pm.

Due to the lengthy time off since the last season, we are not assuming the return of any team or venue. Rather, EVERY team that wants to play in Fall 2021 must submit a team application via the MNP Captains Group.

That application must include the following:

Maximum team IPR for 10 players is 36. Teams over this limit will not be accepted except for grandfather rule if applicable.

Full team list is desirable but it is acceptable if still looking for one or two players to have up to two open spots. In such a case, maximum IPR among listed players is 34 if still two openings or 35 if still one opening. There remains a maximum of two teams per venue. Venues must have 8 league-worthy machines.

Captain and Co-Captain must each have at least one full season (i.e. 10+ weeks) of experience playing in the league, to be eligible to captain the team.

The deadline to submit a team application is Friday July 30, 2021.

Acceptance into the league is not guaranteed. Each team will be reviewed with acceptances announced no later than Monday August 9, likely sooner.

If there are any problems identified for a team, this could result in rejection of the team for the Fall 2021 season. If uncertain, it is recommended that you post your questions or concerns to the MNP Captain’s group, send email to the new MNP email address, or contact the league general commissioner Dave Stewart (via Facebook private message) to discuss, BEFORE the application deadline. Alternately, submit your team application at least one week early, and it will be reviewed for acceptance prior to the application deadline.

Anyone intending on being captain or co-captain that isn’t currently on the MNP Captains Group should email or request from Dave Stewart via FB PM to be added to that group.

Fall 2021 Rule Changes

Here are the key rule changes for the upcoming season. Some of them are significant. For a more detailed description of the rule changes, please proceed to the following document: MNP Fall 2021 Rule Changes

For more information, monitor the Monday Night Pinball Facebook Page ( For specific questions to the board members, please send email to

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