New Player Information

MNP is open to all players 21+. Nobody under 21 is allowed to play in the league, even if a venue is all ages.

There is no sign-up with the league itself. Rather, captains are responsible for recruiting for their own teams, and thus to join the league requires getting in touch with the captains.

As a new player, don’t expect that you can get onto a roster right away. Spots are very limited, and since most teams already have full rosters, it could be difficult to get a roster spot as a new player.

However, you can become a substitute (aka a “sub”) for starters, then eventually find a spot on a roster. Captains need to have ten players present at every match, or else their team is penalized. When players are absent, captains find substitutes to replace them. Due to our Team IPR constraints, many teams (especially the best teams) are also often looking for brand new players. This is generally the best opportunity for a new player to become familiar with the league.

To become a sub, we recommend doing one or more of the following:

Occasionally captains need to replace a roster member. When they do, most of them will replace the player with someone known to them, usually someone who has subbed one or more times. If you are a new player that nobody knows, then it’s unlikely you’ll get a roster spot. But become known through the methods described above, and you greatly increase the possibility of finding yourself on the roster of a team.

Expansion Teams

The one time a new player might have the opportunity to go straight onto a roster is when a new expansion team is forming. These teams generally form when an existing or new venue have enough ‘regulars’ who don’t yet play in the league, but they want to play together and form a team at that venue. In that case, if you are one of the regulars, then you might have a chance to be on that team’s initial roster.

Expansion teams require both the captain and co-captain to have at least one full season of experience. For additional details on applying for an expansion team, see L2.04 in the LEAGUE RULES.

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